Plug & Work

Pulsar is small, desktop and portable. It is just a few kilos. Plus your USB and power than start to work. Easy and simple.

Long Life Span, Service Free

Fiber laser source life span is more than 100.000 hours. Precise and perfect results, high speed working with galvo motors. With integrated air cooling system no any noise, it works like a computer. There is no any mechanic parts for cleaning and all the life time dont need any service risk.

Faster and Price

Pulsar marking speed is 7 meters per a second. It can mark 0.01mm preice lines. 1064nm wavelength is the taste of new technology.

Multi Working Sizes

The Pulsar series designed for wide range industry, workshops and offices. You can select your working size at 70x70mm, 110x110mm, 175x175mm and 300x300mm focusing lens. Even you can buy all lens and can change it very quickly and easy.

Deep Engraving

Golden and Silver Cutting

Pulsar is the best choice for jewellery industry. You can cut Silver and Golden sheets up to 0,7mm thickness. Also you can deep engrave all of metals very easy and fast.

*Cutting and deep engraving is can be with 30watts and 50watts power.

Barcode, QR, Serial Number,

Time, Lot,Serial

Numbers and File Marking

Pulsar marking software is the best powerfull in the market. You can create barcode and QR codes very easy from your texts. It can mark local time or your set time, lot and serial numbers every parts automaticly creating data. Even Pulsar software can use your txt or xls files and mark every parts with every information in the files.

Cylinder Rotary and Foot Pedal

Pulsar series has optional rotary attachment for cylinder products like rings or pipes. It can mark inside of rings and also outside of rings with 360 degree turning. It has foot pedal for easy operation and fast remarking.